Jaime Galviz - COO of Microsoft based in Dubai

Hello, Bom dia, Holla. My name is Jaime Galviz. I am Columbian. I am the COO of Microsoft based in Dubai.

So this is a very exciting moment to think about how market is going to be here in Middle East. The first thing I need to acknowledge is the whole world is changing and the way we are doing things is changing. The way the people are communicating, working is changing a lot; and we need to understand that in order to be able to tackle and to influence them and to work with them.

When I look above the Middle East, I see two kinds of flavors. First thing is the Dubai, the house spot where I live today, which is a country that has 8 million people but can be visited by more than 60 million people. So the tourist play a big role here. And if you are in Dubai there only 2.1 million living, while to the malls go more than 54 million people every year. So definitely you need to try for a kind of marketing where you engage in a short term your consumers, be able to understand their buying habits before, and to deliver the business value that you want to deliver in a short term period.

While if you are looking about the Middle East, that is a population that does not move too much and lives in the country; there is clearly a need that they want to participate in everything. So you need to create platforms and a strategy that, end to end, from your design and your approach, even until how they are using it, to engage the community. This is what I am more excited because technology is playing a key role in that, in providing the platform from the users and citizenship and the people to engage with the companies in creating services, in creating products. Being able to engage them in the whole cycle, by going to the market, proposing, telling the stories to other people and also to, given the feedback, to be able to react much faster.

So the way I see marketing is more like a business companion that goes end to end. From even when you are designing things, until when you are making changes at the end, and thinking about the next cycle, or the next product, or the next services. So you need to be end to end business, not single area that goes to the market; but being in the area that engage in the whole cycle goes very close to your target audience, your customers, your consumers, your students; and be able to engage them in an end to end. And that is where technology plays a big game, and it is going to move very fast and we need to be ready for going that way.

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